ORR's Network Rail Monitor

The Network Rail Monitor is part of how we hold Network Rail to account. It sets out how we think Network Rail is doing in delivering its obligations to its customers and funders, and highlights any areas of concern.

Read the Monitors for England and Wales, and the separate Monitor for Scotland, covering April to October 2016:

Summary of Network Rail’s performance in Quarters 1 and 2 of 2016-17

In England and Wales, the first two quarters of 2016-17 have seen a continuation of last year’s positive trend in health and safety performance. Network performance across the country has been mixed but generally poor with delay attributed to Network Rail below target. Network Rail has achieved seven out of eight planned project completion milestones in the six month period since the enhancements delivery plan was re-baselined in March 2016. For the full year, Network Rail expects to underspend its net budget by £3m. It also has limited financial headroom in its loan facility.

Network Rail Scotland has demonstrated a similarly positive safety performance to the rest of the network for the first half of the year. Network performance has however fallen below target.  Network Rail Scotland has delivered all renewals ahead of plan so far this year, except for plain line track, which is 4% down. For the full year, Network Rail Scotland is forecast to spend £43m more than its budget. This is largely because of £51m higher costs on the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvements Programme (EGIP) and rolling programme of electrification enhancement projects‎.

Implementation of Network Rail’s Enhancements Improvement Programme (EIP) in Scotland pdf icon PDF, 677 Kb
Due to cost pressures and delays affecting Scotland projects, we undertook a review of Network Rail's implementation of its Enhancements Improvement Programme (EIP) in Scotland, in September. This was to understand if Network Rail is on plan to resolve these issues. We found Network Rail in Scotland was slightly behind in two improvement areas (project self-assurance and portfolio governance), when compared to the rest of the network. Since the review, Network Rail in Scotland has put plans in place to catch-up in both of these areas and is ahead of the rest of Network Rail in using a new project reporting system.

Network Rail Monitor key statistics

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