A list of our guidance is available in date order below.

  • Regulatory accounts

    Network Rail’s regulatory accounts provide information on Network Rail’s financial performance on a regulatory basis.

    16 Jun 2017

  • Route-level efficiency benefit sharing (REBS) mechanism

    The route level efficiency benefit sharing (REBS) mechanism will encourage Network Rail and train operators (passenger and freight) to work together and allow both to share in Network Rail’s efficiency gains or losses on an annual basis. REBS is designed to strengthen the alignment of incentives between Network Rail and train operators in order to support greater co-operation to drive down industry costs.

    16 Jun 2017

  • Guidance on Network Rail's strategic business plans pdf icon PDF, 410 Kb

    This document sets out our guidance and expectations regarding the requirements of these plans and the process for preparing them.

    23 Feb 2017

  • ORR’s guidance on approach to monitoring and reviewing markets pdf icon PDF, 811 Kb

    The purpose of this guidance is to outline our approach to discharging our monitoring and reviewing responsibilities in relation to rail markets.

    30 Jan 2017

  • Guidance on The Railways (Access, Management and Licensing of Railway Undertakings) Regulations 2016 pdf icon PDF, 1,271 Kb

    This guidance sets out ORR’s interpretation of The Railways (Access, Management and Licensing of Railway Undertakings) Regulations 2016. It explains the key provisions of the 2016 Regulations, including the rights and responsibilities of infrastructure managers, service facility operators, and railway undertakings. It also explains how applicants can appeal to ORR, and the process that ORR will follow in considering an appeal.

    21 Dec 2016

  • The Railway Safety Levy 2016-17 - A guide for railway service providers - September 2016 pdf icon PDF, 672 Kb

    This document provides advice and guidance on the statutory obligations on railway service providers (RSPs) arising under The Railway Safety Levy Regulations 2006 (the Regulations). It also sets out the purpose of the railway safety levy, how it operates and the role of the Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

    28 Sep 2016

  • Information for passengers - Guidance on meeting the licence condition pdf icon PDF, 73 Kb

    This guidance supports the passenger information licence condition (condition 4) in passenger, station and network operator licences by giving more information about what is expected and how it will be enforced.

    29 Jun 2016

  • Competition Act 1998 guidance pdf icon PDF, 326 Kb

    Guidance on ORR’s approach to the enforcement of the Competition Act 1998 in relation to the supply of services relating to railways.

    31 Mar 2016

  • Licensing guidance on how to apply for operator licences and licence exemptions pdf icon PDF, 572 Kb

    This guidance is for operators and prospective operators of trains, stations, networks and light maintenance depots (LMDs).

    11 Mar 2016

  • Criteria & procedures for the approval of depot access agreements pdf icon PDF, 269 Kb

    Our criteria and procedures for processing applications for depot access agreements.

    20 Aug 2015

  • Criteria & procedures for the approval of station access agreements pdf icon PDF, 413 Kb

    Our criteria and procedures for processing applications for station access agreements.

    20 Aug 2015

  • Land disposal by Network Rail: the regulatory arrangements pdf icon PDF, 303 Kb

    The general consent which allows Network Rail to dispose of land without prior notice in certain situations; the criteria we will use in deciding whether we should intervene when notified of a proposed disposal; and our policies relating to major air rights, compulsory purchase orders, the subletting of land, and the potential for compensation after a blocked disposal.

    18 Dec 2013

  • Periodic review 2013 (PR13) guide

    It is our responsibility to ensure that Network Rail delivers what the Westminster and Scottish governments want – and provides real value for money for customers and taxpayers. This covers everything from running and maintaining the existing rail network, right up to developing new facilities and services. Every five years, we conduct a periodic review of Network Rail’s plans for the next control period.

    31 Oct 2013

  • Localism Act 2011 - delivering ORR’s duty to cooperate pdf icon PDF, 92 Kb

    The purpose of this guidance is to set out: which plans local authorities should consult ORR about; what information should be provided to ORR; and how we will work with local authorities to review plans and what timescales should be allowed.

    17 Sep 2013

  • Starting mainline rail operations pdf icon PDF, 455 Kb

    Guide aimed at people or organisations that are new to the issues surrounding rail regulation and want to know what steps a prospective train operator will have to take before it starts running services.

    23 Jul 2013

  • Criteria and procedures for the approval of track access contracts pdf icon PDF, 1,495 Kb

    Our criteria and procedures for processing applications for track access contracts.

    22 Jan 2013

  • Criteria and procedures for the approval of framework agreements on the HS1 network pdf icon PDF, 572 Kb

    Our criteria and procedures for processing applications for framework agreements on the HS1 network.

    20 Dec 2012

  • Investment framework consolidated policy & guidelines pdf icon PDF, 362 Kb

    A set of policies and guidelines describing how investments arising between periodic reviews should be treated.

    29 Oct 2010

  • Consumer law enforcement in services relating to railways pdf icon PDF, 125 Kb

    The approach we will take in exercising our consumer law enforcement role with regard to services relating to the railways.

    30 Mar 2010

  • Guidance on the assessment of new international passenger services pdf icon PDF, 345 Kb

    Guidance on how we intend to assess new international rail passenger services.

    9 Jun 2009

  • Route utilisation strategies guidelines pdf icon PDF, 54 Kb

    These guidelines apply to all Route Utilisation Strategies (RUSs). Where a RUS is already in progress it should comply with any new or revised aspects of these guidelines to the extent that it is reasonably practicable to do so.

    1 Apr 2009

  • Health and safety guidance

    A list of our health and safety guidance.

    6 Jan 2009

  • Approval of changes to the Delay Attribution Guide pdf icon PDF, 449 Kb

    Outline of how applications proposing amendment of the Delay Attribution Guide should be submitted to both the Delay Attribution Board (DAB) and the ORR for approval.

    18 Jul 2008

  • Complaints about rail fares and car park charges pdf icon PDF, 47 Kb

    A plain English guide for those concerned about the price of their rail fare or car-park charges at their station.

    16 Dec 2007

  • Environmental policy guidance pdf icon PDF, 39 Kb

    Guidance on environmental arrangements for licence holders.

    13 Dec 2007

  • Closure references procedures pdf icon PDF, 87 Kb

    Explanation of how we intend to carry out the ratification role which has been given to us under the network modification provisions of the Railways Act 2005 (“the Act”), and the procedures we intend to follow.

    1 Dec 2006