Complaints handling procedures (CHPs) and how they affect you as a consumer


Train and station operators are required by their operating licences to establish and comply with a procedure for handling complaints relating to licensed activities from customers and potential customers. ORR approves these policies and monitors compliance with them.

A good complaints handling procedure should:

  • resolve individual complaints promptly and fairly, taking account of the reasonable interests of the complainant, including providing compensation as appropriate; and
  • lead to continuous improvement, so that in the medium term the root causes of complaints are addressed and systemic solutions are put in place.

In 2015 we published new guidance for licence holders which provides direction on what we will look for when exercising our approval role and when monitoring for continuing compliance.

We monitor compliance through our core data work, including information on the number, type, and underlying cause of complaints. We also use other methods such as bespoke research, engagement with Transport Focus and London TravelWatch, and relevant information published by licence holders such as the level of proactivity around communicating entitlements to compensation.

Once we have approved an operator's CHP we publish our decision letters.

Information on what to do if you are a passenger and would like to make a complaint is available.

Information for train and station operators on our role in approving and monitoring policies is also available.