Road regulatory law


This page provides summaries of the main pieces of primary and secondary legislation (in chronological order) which are relevant to our road regulatory functions.

Legislation is published on Acts and Regulations may have been amended since they were passed.

Our Highways Monitor role encompasses holding Highways England to account and taking enforcement action where we consider it appropriate. ORR can only enforce against Highways England in relation to its compliance with its Road Investment Strategy and Statutory Directions and Guidance issued by the Secretary of State in the form of a licence.

The main piece of legislation which is relevant to ORR’s Monitor functions is the Infrastructure Act 2015.

Infrastructure Act 2015 (IA 2015)

This is the fundamental piece of legislation relevant to ORR’s Monitor functions. In particular it sets out the role and function of a Strategic Highways Company and the scope of ORR’s Monitor role and the duties with which ORR must comply.

The IA 2015 provides the framework for ORR’s monitoring of Highways England as a Strategic Highways Company.