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Responses to RAIB reports 2016

Our responses to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) in relation to their recommendations published in 2016.

Incident date Report
publication date
Report Response
Response to
05/01/2016 06/10/2016
07/11/2015 04/08/2016
29/10/2015 29/09/2016
22/10/2015 09/08/2016
17/09/2015 03/08/2016
11/09/2015 01/08/2016
01/08/2015 13/07/2016
26/07/2015 06/04/2016 Derailment at Godmersham, Kent29/03/17ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 241 Kb
25/07/2016 30/06/2016
30/06/2015 24/06/2016 Derailment of a freight train near Langworth, Lincolnshire  
14/05/2015 14/05/2016 Collision between a train and a tractor at Oakwood Farm User Worked Crossing27/04/17ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 110 Kb
12/05/2015 12/04/2016 Tram collision with pedestrian near Market Street tram stop, Manchester13/04/17ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 95 Kb
10/04/2015 29/02/2016 Serious accident as a passenger left a train and became trapped in the train doors at West Wickham station13/02/17ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 201 Kb
23/03/2015 11/01/2016 Derailment of freight train at Washwood Heath West Junction, Birmingham 10/01/17 ORR response to RAIB on 10/01/17 pdf icon PDF, 94 Kb
12/03/2015 09/03/2016 Serious accident involving a passenger trapped in train doors and dragged at Clapham South station08/03/17ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 98 Kb
07/03/2015 05/05/2016 Dangerous occurrence at Wootton Bassett Junction, Wiltshire  
22/02/2015 20/01/2016 Collision between a train and a fallen bridge parapet at Froxfield, Wiltshire 31/01/17 ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 125 Kb
27/11/2014 09/05/2016 Runaway and collision at Bryn station, Wigan13/04/17ORR response to RAIB
pdf icon PDF, 107 Kb