About ORR


We protect the interests of rail and road users. We are improving the safety, value and performance of railways and roads, today and in the future.

Our railway health, safety, economic and road functions overall are driven by UK and EU legislation. We are accountable to Parliament and the public to protect the people who use, interact or work on the railway; ensure fair access to a rail network which is becoming increasingly congested; ensure Highways England delivers its major programme of investment and other performance commitments; and protect the interests of future users by working with the industry and funders as they develop the network of tomorrow.

As an independent regulator, we operate within the framework set by UK and EU legislation and are accountable through Parliament and the courts.

We regulate the rail industry's health and safety performance, we hold Network Rail and other rail infrastructure networks to account and we make sure that the rail industry is competitive and fair.

We plan our annual activities in the context of our long-term vision, based on our strategic objectives as an independent regulator.

We work alongside rail infrastructure companies, the Westminster, Scottish and Welsh governments, other safety bodies and companies in the industry.

We are funded by the rail industry through licence fees and safety levies. Our road functions are funded by the Department for Transport.

We have nearly 300 highly skilled professionals located in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, London, Manchester and York. View and apply for current vacancies at the Office of Rail and Road.

We make sure we get value for money when buying the goods and services we need to carry out our role as a regulator.

We publish data and information about ORR as part of our commitment to transparency.

We're committed to the principles of diversity and equality: both as an employer, and as a safety and economic regulator. 

Our employee's health can affect how they work and therefore how we perform as an organisation. We’re committed to ensuring their health and wellbeing is maintained while they are at work.

A publication scheme is a commitment to routinely and proactively provide information to the public.

We participate in the cross-government Civil Service people survey every year.