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Making ROGS work for industry

23 November 2020
The Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 – also commonly known as ROGS – are set of rules that provide the regulatory regime for rail safety, including the mainline railway, metros (including London Underground), tramways, light rail and heritage railways.

Improving the Human: Data interface within ORR

20 November 2020
I was asked to speak at this year’s International Rail Safety Conference, on the subject of “Learning from incidents and planning change” and it was an easy decision for me, what to speak about.

Monitoring road safety

16 November 2020
Improving road safety is a global challenge. Road traffic injuries and deaths have a terrible impact on individuals and communities, and too many people still die on our road network despite it being one of the safest in the world.

World Statistics Day: The importance of data you can trust

20 October 2020
The UK Statistics Authority’s 5-year strategy is called “Statistics for the Public Good”. This seems particularly relevant at a time when we’re surrounded by statistics and it is more important than ever before to know what information you can trust.

Inspecting the London Underground

3 September 2020
ORR’s Transport for London (TfL) inspectors, recently ventured out to undertake a series of assurance visits by looking at London Underground’s and TfL Rail’s coronavirus planning and arrangements at stations and train crew depots.