Environment and sustainable development


Delivering for sustainability and the environment. 

The growing scale and pervasive nature of the environmental and sustainability challenges we face as a society, including climate change and delivery of the UK’s net zero carbon targets, now features prominently in public debate. We are committed to supporting the sustainable development and environmental policy objectives of the UK and devolved governments. 

Our ambitions are:

  • to support a step change in sustainable development outcomes through the exercise of our regulatory functions,
  • to support the industries we regulate, and
  • to behave consistently with these policies as an organisation.

We have different environment and sustainability duties for rail and road, and the industries are subject to different goals and legislation across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our sustainable development policy statement covers all our activities and is intended to provide transparency on our approach to the delivery of our duties on sustainable development, succinctly stating our policy, its aims and how we will put it into practice.

If you have any questions in relation to environmental issues or sustainable development, please contact us at environment@orr.gov.uk.


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We aim to continuously improve our own corporate activity to take account of sustainability issues.