ORR board committees


The board has four standing committees and their terms of reference are included in the board's rules of procedure.

Standing committees:

  • Audit and risk committee
  • Remuneration and Nominations committee
  • Health and safety regulation committee
  • Highways committee

It may appoint other committees to deal with areas of work before recommendations are sent to the board by the committee or the executive for a decision.

Audit and Risk Committee

ORR's audit and risk committee has a key role in corporate governance supporting the board and the accounting officer in reviewing the adequacy of ORR's risk, control and governance processes.

  • Non-executive directors: Bob Holland (Chair), Catherine Waller, Madeleine Hallward, and Xavier Brice.
  • Executive Director: John Larkinson.
  • Independent member: Nick Bateson.

Also in attendance at all meetings:  Director of Corporate Services, Associate Director of Finance, a member of the Board Secretariat team, representatives of the internal audit service provider and the National Audit Office.

Health and Safety Regulation Committee

ORR's safety regulation committee helps to develop, maintain, review and update ORR's health and safety regulatory strategy and oversee the overall adequacy of arrangements to meet ORR's statutory duties. It provides guidance and advice on the need for major accident inquiries and reviews the safety policy approach.

  • Non-executive directors: Justin McCracken (Chair), Declan Collier, Bob Holland, Xavier Brice and Daniel Ruiz.
  • Executive directors: John Larkinson, Ian Prosser and Feras Alshaker.
  • Other members: Elizabeth Thornhill.

Highways Committee

ORR's highways committee oversees the work of the highways monitoring team; it advises the ORR board in developing an appropriate and effective monitoring framework and internal decision making framework for roads; and acts as a forum for policy development with senior staff.

  • Non-executive directors: Madeleine Hallward (Chair), Anne Heal, and Daniel Ruiz.
  • Executive directors: John Larkinson and Feras Alshaker.

Remuneration and Nominations Committee

ORR's remuneration and nominations committee has strategic oversight of ORR’s people strategy under Civil Service terms. It receives reports on diversity and inclusion, pay strategy and staff sentiment. It reviews senior staff performance and, with the Chief Executive makes recommendations to the board for reward in line with Cabinet office guidance for ORR's senior civil servant staff. The committee also advises on induction and training for non-executive members.

  • Non-executive directors: Anne Heal (Chair), Catherine Waller and Justin McCracken.