ORR’s review of Light Rail Safety and Standards Board


We have published a findings report following a review of the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board (LRSSB) making six recommendations. 

As the safety regulator and enforcing authority for light railways and tramways and custodian of recommendation 1 of the RAIB Sandilands recommendations, we have been monitoring LRSSB, the dedicated safety body for the sector since it was established in 2019. 

In this context, we conducted a review to assess whether LRSSB is fulfilling its intended purpose to better manage safety, standards, and good practice across the sector. 

We found LRSSB is adding value to the industry, providing key outputs such as guidance and tools to improve the sector’s understanding of risk. ORR’s report contains six recommendations and highlights the need for a long term strategy and plan for LRSSB’s work, which should set out clear governance and funding arrangements.