Passenger information


We ensure train companies provide accurate and timely information, particularly during disruption. We also investigate timetabling issues.

Provision of rail timetable information

Rail timetable changes take place twice a year, usually in May and December. New timetables must be published 12 weeks in advance.

Passenger Information Improvement Plan

We have asked that Network Rail, train and station operators, work together under the governance structure of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) Board to publish a Passenger Information Improvement Plan and revise it and re-issue it annually.

Audit of train company websites against the retail information code of practice

We commissioned an audit of train company websites against the retail information Code of Practice. This page details our findings.

Passengers' awareness of terms and conditions

We commissioned quantitative and focus group research to explore passengers’ awareness of terms and conditions, both in general when travelling by train on the national rail network (the National Rail Conditions of Travel - NRCoT) and specific to ticket type and format.