Here you'll find all our publications, reports, determinations and statements. 

Improving Assisted Travel

Our Accessible Travel Policy guidance for train and station operators sets out the commitments they must include in their policies for helping older and disabled people to travel by rail.

Passenger Information Improvement Plan

We have asked that Network Rail, train and station operators, work together under the governance structure of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) Board to publish a Passenger Information Improvement Plan and revise it and re-issue it annually.

Holding Network Rail to account

How we will hold Network Rail (including routes, the System Operator (SO) and other relevant business units) to account against the network licence.

Stakeholder engagement

We monitor and report on the quality of Network Rail's engagement with its stakeholder community in control period 6 (CP6).

Track access decisions

This section contains decisions we have made since 2019. For older decisions, please see our decisions library. All approved agreements and subsequently approved amendments to track access decisions are held on our public register.

Monitoring Network Rail's efficiency

By reporting on Network Rail’s efficiency and wider financial performance over time, we give assurance to rail users and funders that Network Rail is delivering what is expected and at the same time, we provide a strong reputational incentive on Network Rail to become more efficient.

We last published cost benchmarking analysis as part of PR18 and committed to updating this evidence base annually. We also stated our intention to make greater use of comparative regulation in CP6, with cost benchmarking playing an important role. This document is the first annual cost benchmarking report of Network Rail in CP6.

Annual report and accounts 2019-20

Our annual report summarises the key activities and events of the reporting year against the framework of objectives set out in our business plan.

Annual health and safety report

The ORR annual report on health and safety 2019/20 stresses that safety across Britain's railways has improved over the last 12 months but more needs to be done to tackle the impacts of climate change.

Coronavirus advice

This page contains our current coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for the railway industry, and a summary of our own working arrangements at the present time.