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Sandilands tram incident

17 May 2021
Shortly after 6:00 AM on Wednesday 9 November 2016, a tram travelling from New Addington to Wimbledon on the Croydon Tramlink Network overturned on a curve approaching Sandilands junction. Seven people lost their lives and many more were injured.


12 May 2021
View and apply for current vacancies at the Office of Rail and Road.

Workforce management information

4 May 2021
Workforce information is sent to the Cabinet Office regularly and it includes the number of staff by grade, payroll and non-payroll.

Core complaints data

19 April 2021
We are responsible for the collection, monitoring and publication of rail customer complaints.


23 March 2021
If you want to tell us about something you have discovered or seen in the course of your work in the rail industry.

Holding Network Rail to account

23 March 2021
How we will hold Network Rail (including routes, the System Operator (SO), and other relevant business units) to account against the network licence.

Competition work on open access

18 March 2021
In February 2020 we published our first report on our open access competition monitoring work. The 2020 report constituted a baseline, and an evidence base to be built on over time. We followed this up with an update published in March 2021.

Consumer law

17 March 2021
Consumer law aims to ensure that businesses are fair and open in their dealings with consumers.

Competition Act 1998

15 March 2021
The Competition Act 1998 prohibits any agreement, business practice or conduct which has, or could have, a damaging effect on competition in the United Kingdom.

Improving Assisted Travel

2 March 2021
Our Accessible Travel Policy guidance for train and station operators sets out the commitments they must include in their policies for helping older and disabled people to travel by rail.

Channel Tunnel

19 February 2021
Information on the terms of access to the Channel Tunnel.

Spending figures

11 February 2021
Details of payments in excess of £25,000 which have been made to our suppliers each month.

Track access decisions

10 February 2021
This section contains decisions we have made since 2019. For older decisions, please see our decisions library. All approved agreements and subsequently approved amendments to track access decisions are held on our public register.