Rail Accident Investigation Branch


The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) carries out the investigation into rail accidents and incidents without apportioning blame or liability with a view to enabling lessons to be learned, improving safety on railways and preventing similar accidents and incidents.

The Railways (Accident, Investigation and Reporting) Regulations (RAIR) regulations 2005 and The Railways (Accident Investigation and Reporting) (Amendment) Regulations 2005 fully explain RAIB's role.

RAIB is concerned with the investigation of accidents and incidents on:

  • national railway networks in Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  • the Channel Tunnel rail network (in cooperation with its equivalent operation in France);
  • London and Glasgow Underground systems and other metro systems;
  • light rail and tramways;
  • minor and heritage railways (including narrow-gauge systems over 350mm gauge); and
  • cable-hauled systems of 1km or longer.

Please see the RAIB website for information on how RAIB conducts investigations.

RAIB make recommendations which we consider and pass on to relevant bodies who are then required to take them into consideration and act upon them appropriately.