Operator licences & exemptions


We issue licences and licence exemptions to railway operators.

Licensing is one of our core statutory functions. If you want to operate a train, station, network or light maintenance depot you will need to be covered by a licence or licence exemption.

Through licensing we promote effective and efficient working relationships between industry parties and safeguarding the public interest.

An overview of railway licensing in Great Britain.

Operators of railway assets must normally comply with conditions in their licences and the Statement of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRPs)

Information aimed at train and station operators about having policies and practices in place that protect the interests of older and disabled passengers.

This webpage provides information on complaints handling procedures aimed at train and station operators and could also be of interest to passengers.

Operators must comply with our third party liability insurance requirements. Operators’ insurance brokers should send us confirmation that adequate insurance cover is in place, in line with our general approval.

How to apply for a licence or licence exemption, costs involved and application forms.

The current standard versions of Model licences and Statements of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRPs) in use.

The licence exemptions in use in the Great Britain rail industry.

Electronic versions of licences which are in force, listed by company.

Licence exemptions exempt named operators from the requirement to hold a licence.

Details proposals to grant licences or licence exemptions on which we are consulting.