Benchmarking National Highways' performance and efficiency


We publish an annual benchmarking report that details our plans and activities in benchmarking the company's performance and efficiency.

One of our core activities is to benchmark National Highways' performance and efficiency across its own regional areas, and against comparable organisations, including in other countries or other sectors. This is a critical part of ensuring that we can:

  • assess National Highways' performance and efficiency;
  • highlight both good and bad areas of performance; and
  • identify where efforts would be best focused to improve outcomes for road users.

One of the major objectives of our benchmarking work is to inform the development of each five-yearly road investment strategy (RIS). For example, benchmarking informs our assessment of whether National Highways' Strategic Business Plan is challenging and deliverable within the applicable funding envelope, and helps in the development of the Performance Specification for each road period.

Each year we publish an update on our benchmarking activities. This includes our regional performance benchmarking series. In our 2021 update we report on an expanded set of performance indicators that we will use to gauge the progress of National Highways’ regions during road period 2.