Railway networks


The rail infrastructure in the UK is complex and comprises of a number of different bodies. We are the health and safety regulator for the UK’s mainline network and for a number of other forms of transport that run on rail.

Mainline network

Network Rail is the owner and operator of the majority of national railway infrastructure. It must ensure safe and effective management and development of that infrastructure.

Underground railways

We regulate both London Underground Limited (LU) and the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

Light rail and tramways

We have responsibility for health and safety on light rail and tramways. There is no specific safety legislation for these systems.

Minor and heritage railways

We provide guidance to minor rail operators with advice and assistance on safety requirements. We also impose certain constraints on minor railways in reaction to speed and weight limits.

Crossing rail infrastructure

The UK Regulators' Network has developed a set of guiding good practice principles to assist network operators improve services to those building new infrastructure, or otherwise working near, their existing assets.