How to apply for a licence or a licence exemption


Information about applying for a licence or licence exemption, the costs involved and the application forms you will need to use.

How do I make an application?

You need to decide if you are applying for a licence or licence exemption, and read the appropriate guidelines. For any licensing queries please email licensing enquiries.

How much does a licence cost?

Licence applicants have to pay a fee of £250. No fee is charged for licence exemption or SNRP-only applications.

There are other costs associated with the various licence conditions for example:

  • the premium required to purchase third party liability insurance;
  • and the cost involved in becoming a signatory to the Claims Handling and Allocation Agreement (CAHA) and RSSB.

Holders of licences may also have to contribute to the costs of the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA).


The timescale for your application will depend on the complexity involved in any specific application. You should allow at least 12 weeks for straightforward applications with all the suggested information prepared. Allow longer in other cases.

You will find it useful to discuss your application well in advance of making it. Please remember it is a criminal offence to operate without an appropriate licence.