Rail regulation


We are the economic regulator for railway infrastructure (Network Rail, HS1 and the northern half of the Channel Tunnel, situated in the UK). We are the health and safety regulator for the rail industry as a whole – including mainline, metro, tramways and heritage railways across Britain; and the industry's consumer and competition authority.

Rail networks we regulate

We regulate Network Rail and other railway networks including the Channel Tunnel and High Speed 1.

Protecting rail passengers

We undertake a range of work to improve the passenger experience in areas such as compensation, retailing of train tickets and passenger accessibility.

Promoting rail competition

We work to ensure that rail markets are competitive and fair – for passengers, freight customers, railway operators and taxpayers.

Rail investigations

The investigations we undertake as an independent regulator.

Promoting health & safety

We regulate health and safety for the entire mainline rail network in Britain, as well as London Underground, light rail, trams and the heritage sector.

Promoting investment in the rail network

Our investment framework and guidance for investing in the railway industry.