Passenger information licence conditions


Passenger train and station operators have information obligations in their licences.

Passenger train and station operators need to provide passengers with information about their journeys and we regulate this through their licences. 

Passenger train operators are required to:

  • Provide appropriate, accurate and timely information to enable railway passengers and prospective passengers to plan and make their journeys with a reasonable degree of assurance, including when there is disruption.
  • Cooperate with Network Rail and other train operators to enable Network Rail to carry out appropriate planning of train services and to establish or change appropriate timetables to enable it to satisfy its timetabling obligations.

Station operators:

  • Shall cooperate with train operators so far as is reasonably necessary to enable them to meet their obligations to provide information to passengers.

Our regulatory statement gives further guidance to operators on how to meet the condition. The collective code of practice used by the industry to deliver the licence obligations was updated on 30 April 2022 to use the Information Pledges that have been introduced by RDG.