About ORR

Our strategic objectives

21 September 2021
Our business plan summarises what we aim to achieve this year and provides detail around our four strategic objectives:


20 September 2021
View and apply for current vacancies at the Office of Rail and Road.

Sustainable development

15 September 2021
This page outlines our role in relation to environment and sustainable development.

When you join ORR

6 September 2021
Once you have accepted your new role with us, we'd like to make sure you have all the information you need before you start your new role.

Health & wellbeing

3 September 2021
Our employee's health can affect how they work and therefore how we perform as an organisation. We’re committed to ensuring their health and wellbeing is maintained while they are at work. The profile of our staff can been seen in our equality information page.

Spending figures

26 July 2021
Details of payments in excess of £25,000 which have been made to our suppliers each month.

Board meeting minutes

12 July 2021
ORR's board meets around ten times a year (monthly except August and December).

Annual report and accounts 2020-21

24 June 2021
Our annual report summarises the key activities and events of the reporting year against the framework of objectives set out in our business plan.