How we work


We plan our activities in the context of our long-term vision, based on our strategic objectives as an independent regulator. These are set out in our business plan.

We regulate the rail industry's health and safety performance, we hold Network Rail and other rail infrastructure networks to account and we make sure that the rail industry is competitive and fair.

Our enforcement powers are established by UK and EU legislation. We prioritise our activities to help us focus our resource in a way that will deliver most value out of our interventions.

We work closely with expert panels and other bodies both in the UK and in Europe to ensure our regulatory approach is built on expertise, cutting-edge thinking and best practice.

We are accountable to elected bodies throughout the United Kingdom.

We set out our approach to better regulation in order to meet our statutory reporting requirements.

An outline of ORR's commitments and policy for sustainable development.

Impact assessments are an important tool that regulators and central government use when developing policy.