Common safety method for monitoring


This page gives an overview of the common safety method (CSM) for monitoring, which has been adopted and published by the European Commission.

Common safety methods are developed by the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) to support the single market in the rail sector.

European Commission Regulation 1078/2012 (the CSM for monitoring) started to apply from 7 June 2013.  It provides a common approach for mainline transport operators and ECMs for all vehicles to control risks through their contractors.  It requires them to ensure that

  • the risk control measures implemented by their contractors are monitored using the process in the CSM; and
  • their contractors apply the same process through contractual arrangements.

Mainline transport operators are required to report their experience of using the CSM in their annual safety report.  ECMs for freight wagons are required to report their experience of using the CSM for monitoring in their annual maintenance report.

ERA has produced a guide for the application of the CSM for monitoring and the Rail Safety and Standards Board has produced a short guide on the CSM for monitoring.