Common safety method for supervision


This page gives an overview of the common safety method (CSM) for supervision, which has been adopted and published by the European Commission.

Common safety methods are developed by the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) to support the single market in the rail sector.

European Commission Regulation (EU) 1077/2012 (the CSM for supervision) started to apply from 7 June 2013.  It requires all national safety authorities across the EU to have common arrangements in place to oversee safety performance after they have granted safety certificates or safety authorisations.

The CSM requires ORR to:

  • have a strategy and plan(s) for supervising mainline transport operators;
  • have clear techniques for how to conduct our supervisory activities;
  • have clear links between the assessment for mainline safety certificates/authorisations and supervision activity;
  • operate a competence management system for those conducting supervision activities;
  • utilise decision-making criteria when evaluating transport operators' activities; and
  • where necessary (such as cross-border railway operation activity) cooperate and coordinate our supervisory activity with other national safety authorities.

We are also required to check the compliance of mainline transport operators and ECMs with the CSM for monitoring.