Information you must receive about your train journey


Train and station operators must give passengers the information they need to plan and make their journey with a reasonable degree of certainty.

The scope of their obligations covers the need to provide good information for all parts of a passenger journey, whether in advance, on the day of travel or after the journey has taken place.

This can be broken down into various stages which include:

  • planning a journey;
  • buying a ticket;
  • before arriving at the station;
  • waiting at the station;
  • boarding the train;
  • making the train journey;
  • arriving at the destination station, and
  • claiming compensation if necessary

If you have a complaint about the information provided to you about your train journey, you should address it to the relevant train company. If you are dissatisfied with the company's response, you can contact Transport Focus or London TravelWatch.

We report on individual operator performance in providing passenger information in our 'Measuring Up' annual consumer report.