Provisional Order issued against Network Rail to deliver improved performance


Following a review into both Network Rail’s approach to performance planning and its capability to recover services following incidents, ORR considered Network Rail to appear to be contravening Licence Condition 1: Network Management and on 29 November 2018, issued a Provisional Order.

Network Rail responded on 15 February 2019 and following a detailed analysis ORR is content that the report satisfies the obligations of the Provisional Order and that Network Rail no longer appears to be contravening Condition 1.

Network Rail's response provides details on how it plans to:

  • Establish a new performance management system that will enable a clearer understanding of the factors that contribute to delays,
  • Address improvements in the response to incidents and in the time taken to recover a normal service after disruption,
  • Increase operational capability through additional staff training and recruitment,
  • Work in collaboration with train operators to deliver a better service for passengers.

ORR will continue to monitor Network Rail’s delivery of these plans, with a particular focus on route specific actions.

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