Prohibition notices 2012




This page contains details of prohibition notices issued in 2012. Copies of the notices can be found on our public register.

Company and notice number Brief description Issue date Compliance date Result

Carillion Rail Limited


The notice was served following a visit to the Carillion Rail Limited site by the inspector at Bletchley Station on 28 December 2012 in which he observed that rail lifting operations with machinery was at risk of fouling the running lines and that the company had failed to have a safety system in place which reduces risk so far as reasonably practical. 28 Dec 2012 28 Dec 2012 Complied

McNicholas Construction Services Ltd

P/ LVM/20120907/01

The notice was served on McNicholas Construction Services Ltd due to action arising from the preliminary findings into an investigation following the overturn of an excavator whilst being off-loaded from a RRV trailer on their Railway Construction Site near Tenby, South Wales. 7 Sep 2012 7 Sep 2012 Complied
BAM Nuttall Ltd


The notice was issued due to the contractors failure to have in place adequate arrangements to prevent injury or death to labour only scaffolders and staff, and exposing them to risks from working over the river during the replacement one of four rail bridges taking place on the Esk valley line in North Yorkshire. Inadequacies included poor fall arrest arrangements, no life jackets and no system for emergency rescue if someone fell into the river. 8 Jun 2012 11 Jun 2012 Complied
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited


The notice was issued following a visit to assess on-going renovation work at Denmark Hill Station, during the visit, it was found that the platform canopy was in part severely rotten, along with failure to some supporting columns. Therefore causing a risk of collapse onto platform 1 and the tracks. 1 Jun 2012 11 Jun 2012 Complied
John G Murphy & Sons Ltd


The notice was served due to the fact that the ORR inspector saw trackside excavation work at Mobberley, Cheshire which he was concerned created a risk to passing trains and the workers. 13 Feb 2012 13 Feb 2012 Complied
McGinley Support Services Ltd


The notice was issued as a result of McGinley Support Services Ltd's failure to assess the risks and plan accordingly to ensure the safety of their employees, whilst undertaking work at height on station roofs. This followed an incident in which a member of staff fell through a glass panel in the station canopy at Havant Station, landing on the platform. 6 Feb 2012 6 Feb 2012 Complied