Prohibition notices 2016


This page contains details of prohibition notices issued in 2016. 

Copies of the notices can be found on our public register.

Company and notice number Brief description Issue date Compliance date Result
DB Cargo UK Limited

The notice was served as DB Cargo have not made suitable arrangements to control the risk of their ground staff being struck by trains while walking on or near the VOG railway line. 15 September 2016 15 September 2016 Complied
West Coast Railway Company Limited

The notice was served as WCRC has not conducted their undertaking in such a way as to ensure that new or existing risks associated with the operations of trains on the mainline railway are controlled to a level as low as is reasonably practicable. 17 February 2016 17 February 2016 Complied

Network Rail Infrastructure Limited


The notice was served as Network Rail has not taken appropriate steps to reduce the risks arising from manual handling. 19 January 2016 19 January 2016 Complied
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited

The notice was served as NR has not taken suitable and sufficient steps to ensure those who are and are not in their employment have a safe, adequate means of access to the railway and prevent contact with live electrical conductors. 6 January 2016 6 January 2016 Complied