The Highways Monitor


We are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the performance and efficiency of Highways England and are delivering this through our Highways function.

Highways England maintains, renews, operates and improves the strategic road network – the motorways and main 'A' roads in England. Our Highways role has been established to place a greater level of scrutiny on the company than has been the case in the past. We hold Highways England to account for its management of the strategic road network – including delivery of performance and efficiency. We also advise the UK Government on the levels of funding and performance requirements for future road periods to help frame challenging and deliverable performance and efficiency requirements.

What we do

Details of our functions on roads (England only).

Who we work with

As the independent monitor of Highways England, we work with a wide range of stakeholders in the highways sector.

How we are funded

Our roads work is entirely funded by the Department for Transport (DfT).