Monitoring reporting guidelines for Highways England and template statements


28 May 2020 (updated 15 June 2020)

Our updated Monitoring reporting guidelines for Road Period 2 (2020/21 – 2024/25) set out the information that Highways England is required to provide to us through performance monitoring templates, which once completed by Highways England, become annual performance reporting statements. We expect to issue updated performance monitoring templates in 2020.

These statements are the primary sources of information about Highways England’s performance that we consider are required for us to fulfil our statutory duties and functions as the Highways Monitor. More specifically the performance monitoring statements support transparency and enable us to:

  • monitor Highways England’s operational and financial performance against the requirements of the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) Performance Specification;
  • monitor delivery of Highways England’s RIS2 Investment Plan, Strategic Business Plan and Delivery Plan;
  • monitor compliance with licence conditions; and
  • gather evidence relating to performance in the current Road Period to inform future road investment strategies, including, for example, to support benchmarking through regional disaggregation of key information.

Monitoring reporting guidelines for Road Period 1