Pam Warren Report: Is safety really part of the rail industry’s DNA?


ORR commissioned the Pam Warren Report: Is safety really part of the rail industry’s DNA? following the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Ladbroke Grove Rail Incident in 1999.

This commission was to allow some reflection from an informed passenger’s perspective on the progress made and lessons learnt by industry since the incident.

The whole rail industry can benefit from hearing different perspectives, including those outside of the industry such as Pam Warren’s, on the progress of rail safety since the Public Inquiries in 2000.

This report provides a very useful reminder of the Ladbroke Grove Rail Incident, its aftermath and the Public Inquiries following it.

ORR published an overview of the Pam Warren report. In that overview we referred to our plans for revised guidance for the industry on train protection systems (TPS), which we expected to publicly consult on during 2022. 

In the light of continuing technical developments as part of the migration to modern signalling systems, this work has been more complex than expected and we have not yet consulted widely on proposed new guidance. We are considering how the current legal framework applies to a range of scenarios involving different systems and migration plans. 

ORR remains committed to issuing new guidance on TPS, in consultation with the industry, so that it is available to support the migration to modern train control systems.

We will update this page to confirm our plans for consulting on new guidance on train protection.