Charging framework for the Heathrow Spur


This consultation is now closed.

Consultation conclusions

This document sets out our decision in relation to Heathrow Airport Limited’s ability to levy a charge to recover the historical costs of constructing the Heathrow Spur itself, and establishes a charging framework for the Spur.

We have decided that HAL is not permitted to introduce all of its proposed new charges for train operators, such as Crossrail, to use its track. Our decision has been informed by our industry-wide consultation. This decision will apply to both Heathrow Express services and Crossrail services.

Charging framework for the Heathrow Spur
27 May 2016


Date published: 11 February 2016
Closing date: 10 March 2016, 5 pm

The purpose of this consultation was to seek stakeholders' views on the proposed charging framework for the 8.6km of railway infrastructure which Heathrow Airport Ltd (HAL) owns and operates and which links Heathrow Airport to the Great Western Main Line (the Heathrow Spur).

ORR is required to establish the charging framework and specific charging rules in accordance with Regulation 12 of the Railways Infrastructure (Access and Management) Regulations 2005, as amended (the Regulations).

Consultation document

Charging framework for the Heathrow Spur - Consultation on proposals and invitation to comment
11 February 2016