Consultation on improving access to delay compensation

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We have published our proposals to improve access to delay compensation through a new licence condition, code of practice and Third Party Intermediary code.

This work develops our 2016 response to a Which? super-complaint, where we first quantified the ‘compensation gap’. In 2019 we published recommendations to the Williams Review, setting out further recommendations that could help to close the compensation gap including a commitment to consult on a licence condition in this area.

Our proposals for this delay compensation code of practice are designed to tackle the key barriers: awareness and ease of process. We also set requirements on monitoring, reporting and continual improvement.

Lastly, the proposal includes provisions for the involvement of Third Party Intermediary firms (TPIs) in this area. We require train companies to receive claims for delay compensation that have been submitted via such firms, provided that the TPIs comply with the provisions of a TPI code that sets out appropriate standards for transparency, probity and protections against duplicate or fraudulent claims. This proposal builds on last year’s market review of TPI firms.