Deep Sea Container rail transport services - ORR consultation on modified commitments proposal


Date published: 19 November 2015
Closing date: 27 November 2015

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) opened a consultation on modified commitments proposed by Freightliner Group Limited and Freightliner Limited (Freightliner) to address its competition concerns in relation to Freightliner’s conduct in the provision of Deep Sea Container rail transport services between certain ports and key inland destinations in Great Britain. These commitments follow an ORR investigation under the Competition Act 1998 and consideration of representations raised in response to a consultation on a previous commitments offer in September 2015.

Decision document

Consultation documents

ORR does not intend to publish the responses to the consultation with any commitments decision or notice to provisionally accept modified commitments. However, the information contained in the responses may be used or summarised on an anonymous basis in these documents.

In the event that the commitments are not accepted and ORR is considering disclosing the information (such as in or with a statement of objections), or ORR is considering disclosing the information for any other reason, it will revert to the provider of that information to obtain representations on confidentiality. ORR will then consider those representations before deciding whether the information should be disclosed under Part 9 of the Enterprise Act 2002.