ORR’s role and approach to RIS3

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In December 2021 we published a consultation on our proposed approach to assessing the challenge and deliverability of plans for the third road investment strategy - RIS3.

We set out how we intend to conduct our activities and the evidence we intend to use to inform our assessments.

The road investment strategy (RIS) is the government’s long-term strategy for the management and improvement of the strategic road network (SRN) in England.

As the Highways Monitor:

  • we advise the government on the extent to which plans for the next road period achieve the right balance of being challenging and deliverable, particularly in respect of efficiency;
  • we also advise the government on the framework of performance requirements and targets that National Highways needs to achieve; and 
  • we ensure that National Highways meets the obligations in its licence that relate to the setting of the RIS.

However, our role is not to set roads policy or determine RIS3 investment priorities. The Department for Transport will hold a formal consultation on proposals later in the RIS3 development process. We received 21 responses to the consultation from a range of stakeholders. We are grateful to all those who responded. The responses are available below.

Following careful review of stakeholder responses, we have made some amendments to the policy, including:

  • making our role and responsibilities within the RIS development process clearer;
  • highlighting the work we intend to undertake to inform our advice regarding performance in the areas of environment and safety; and
  • amending our approach to the planned RIS3 capability reviews which will inform our advice on efficiency.