The potential for increased on-rail competition


Reference: ORR/017/2011
Date published: 4 October 2011
Start date: 4 October 2011
Closing date: 4 December 2011

This consultation asked for stakeholder views on the potential for increased on-rail competition. It forms part of our programme of work for the 2013 periodic review (PR13). During PR13 we have to make key decisions on the outputs that Network Rail should deliver and the levels of access charges that it should levy on train operators.

We have a statutory duty to promote competition in the provision of railway services for the benefit of users of railway services. This duty has to be balanced against our other duties, including duties to have regard to the funds available to the secretary of state and to enable persons providing railway services to plan the future of their businesses with a reasonable degree of assurance.

We concluded on this consultation in our May 2012 Setting the financial and incentive framework for Network Rail in CP5 document.

Consultation document