PR18 consultation on implementing infrastructure cost charges for open access operators

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Consultation conclusions

In December 2018, we published a consultation setting out three implementation issues for levying infrastructure cost charges (ICCs):

  • changes to our access policy relating to the NPA test;
  • the definition of what characterises a substantial modification to a service; and
  • the definition of the interurban market segment.

We received 13 responses from a range of stakeholders. We are grateful to all those who responded. The have made redacted responses available below.

Following careful review of stakeholder responses, we have published conclusions to the consultation. Where appropriate we have also updated the supporting documents that accompanied the proposals in our December 2018 consultation, to take account of stakeholder comments. Both our conclusions and these updated supporting documents are available below.

Documents supporting conclusions

Final impact assessment on open access infrastructure cost charge implementation
Published 21 March 2019

Spreadsheet - Distances between all stations within the interurban market segment
Published 21 March 2019

Spreadsheet – Data transformation for categorisation
Published shortly

Consultation responses

Responses to the open access infrastructure cost charge implementation consultation
Published 21 March 2019

December 2018 consultation

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Date published: 3 December 2018
Closing date: 14 January 2019

In the PR18 final determination, we confirmed that we would levy infrastructure cost charges (ICC) in control period 6 (CP6) to recover some of Network Rail’s fixed costs. We decided that the ICC would apply to new or substantially modified open access services running in the interurban market.

The purpose of this consultation was to finalise three remaining implementation issues regarding levying ICCs on open access services.

Consultation documents

PR18 consultation on open access ICC implementation
Published 3 December 2018

Draft impact assessment on the definition of the interurban market segment for open access services
Published 13 December 2018

Spreadsheet - Distances between main stations in Britain
Published 13 December 2018