Real time train information - findings from our review

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Content archived on 03 February 2023

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21 August 2020

This consultation reported on the the findings of our review of National Rail Enquiries' (NRE) voluntary code of practice (the code), which governs how NRE deals with applications for access to its real time train information (RTTI) database ('Darwin').

Third party developers have significant concerns about how NRE deal with their applications and about the operation of the code in practice. 

It is not clear to us, at this stage, what the marketplace would have looked like, for example, should NRE have adopted a more open data approach and whether this would, therefore, be a preferred outcome.

This consultation sought views from interested parties on these issues and to help us to design next steps which could include that we:

  1. withdraw from scrutiny of this part of the industry because there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that it is operating other than healthily;
  2. continue to monitor, in line with market developments and continue to influence openness via our transparency agenda; or
  3. take action under the various powers available to us including referring the market to the Competition Commission under the Enterprise Act 2002.

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