Review of ORR’s economic enforcement policy and penalties statement

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Content archived on 27 September 2023 - Superseded by Holding Network Rail to account

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20 August 2020

One of our core statutory functions is to grant licences for railway businesses. A licence (or in some instances a licence exemption) is required to operate a train, station, network or light maintenance depot.

ORR's economic enforcement policy and penalties statement explains our policy for enforcing licences (Network Rail and industry operators). It sets out in detail what powers we have to enforce compliance with the licence. It also sets out the remedies available to us if licence holders are not compliant and how we will decide whether and when to use them.

Our economic enforcement policy and penalties statement was last updated in 2012. We have now reviewed this policy and statement to ensure that it is consistent with our strategic objectives, is still fit for purpose for this control period and provides effective guidance and clarity to all licence holders.

Final enforcement policy and penalties statement

Our consultation document outlined options around how our policy and relevant processes could be improved, enabling greater flexibility in taking effective licence enforcement.

Consultation document


How does ORR regulate?

ORR’s economic enforcement policy below shows our phased approach to taking action in order to incentivise better future results for rail and road users.