ORR Road Expert Panel

18 February 2020
Stephen Glaister
Stephen Glaister
Non-Executive Director


ORR has established a new road expert panel to support the work of our highways team.

The eight members of our panel met for the first time in November initiating a new and valuable contribution to improving journeys for England’s motorists.

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) monitors Highways England’s management of the motorways and main A-roads in England. Our objective is to help Highways England provide safe, comfortable and quick journeys for drivers and value-for-money for taxpayers.

To help us do this we need to talk to as many people as possible: road users and people with skills and experience from which we can benefit.  That is why we are so pleased to have attracted Panel members with a wide range of expertise in fields including local government, civil engineering and international benchmarking.

The Panel will complement ORR’s existing expert panels, for example the Consumer Expert Panel, as well as complementing our established relationships with organisations such as Transport Focus.

Regular meetings

The first meeting on 12 November was an opportunity for the Panel members to become familiar with the ORR’s role and start thinking about topics such as: our Annual Assessment of Highways England, the way we hold Highways England to account, and how we compare Highways England internationally.

Meetings are planned every three months, and I am sure the Panel’s input will greatly assist the ORR in our work and in the long-term help to improve users’ experience of England’s strategic roads.

For more information on the road expert panel including who the panel members are, please go to the Road expert panel page.