Skills for Life: Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

8 February 2024
David Ospina shares his experience of moving from an IT role in the private sector to an apprenticeship at ORR.
David Ospina
David Ospina
Security and Compliance Apprentice
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Skills for life: National Apprenticeship Week 2024

What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship?

I joined the Office of Rail and Road as a Security and Compliance apprentice. I worked in information technology for the private sector previously, where I developed a great interest in security for digital environments. This led me to seek a path that offered both theoretical grounding and real-world application. The role at ORR is precisely what I needed, offering a unique opportunity to apply my skills while gaining exposure to cybersecurity and broadening my understanding of compliance. 

Can you give us an insight into your day-to-day role at ORR?

My daily role is dynamic and diverse, reflecting ORR’s strong emphasis for continuous development and improvement. I’m actively involved in a variety of exciting projects, offering new challenges and learning opportunities. My responsibilities range from helping to monitor our IT systems, to collaborating with my team on enhancing our processes.

This variety gives my days a sense of fulfilment as I am being given the opportunity to overcome a wide range of challenges, which is contributing significantly to my professional growth.

What specific skills or knowledge are you gaining that you find the most valuable?

The wealth of opportunities presented to me, combined with trust and support from my team and my manager, has helped me tremendously.

The apprenticeship programme training alongside the practical experience I’ve gained in my Security and Compliance role is shaping me into a knowledgeable professional. I feel proud to be making a difference in ORR, safeguarding our people and interests, and ultimately supporting the achievement of our collective goals.

Can you share a memorable experience you have worked on during your apprenticeship so far?

My most memorable experience is enjoying working on multiple workstreams with colleagues across different departments. It is an invaluable learning experience as I’m working with people with vast experience in the rail and road sectors, who all bring different backgrounds and perspectives to the projects. Being part of this process is fascinating.

In what way do you feel your apprenticeship is preparing you for your future career aspirations?

I am being thoroughly prepared for my future ambitions through a blend of practical experience, comprehensive training, and a environment that champions personal and professional development, as well as lifelong learning. 

Collaborating with experts in different fields on a diverse range of projects has not only refined my technical skills but also improved my problem-solving abilities, flexibility, and teamwork.

If you are keen to embark on a career with an organisation that values you as an individual, offers a supportive development pathway, and connects you with industry-leading professionals committed to supporting your journey, you should consider joining ORR as an apprentice.