UK rail industry financial information 2015-16


22 February 2017

The UK rail industry financial information for 2015-16 presents ORR’s analysis of this financial data.

Since 2014-15 the publication has widened its coverage of the industry and made methodological and presentational changes.

As a result, comparisons with the 2014-15 publication are to be read within that context. It is important to note that underlying data has not changed significantly since 2014-15.

Key findings include:

In 2015-16, the rail industry had income of £18.4 billion of which 51% was from fares and 36%  from government, other sources contributed 13%.

Rail industry expenditure was £18.4bn of which 35% was on passenger train operations, 32% on Network Rail, 19% on payments to government and 14% on other costs.

Included in the above figures, net government funding (payments less receipts) was £3.2bn which is funding from government of £6.7bn less payments to government of £3.5bn.

This includes funding from all government sources, including devolved administrations and passenger transport executives. There was wide variation in net support or net premium between franchised operators. Open access operators received no direct support.

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