How we are funded


How the Office of Rail and Road is funded.


We are funded by the rail industry through licence fees and safety levies.

Our economic regulation activities are funded almost entirely through Network Rail’s licence fee. We also recover costs for our work relating to other networks not owned by Network Rail.

Our health and safety activities are funded through a safety levy, which is based on the turnover of each railway service provider.

Company turnover Railway safety levy
< £1 million £0
£1 – 5 million      £1,000
£5 – 10 million    £5,000
Over £10m Apportioned according to relevant turnover. As a guide for budgetary purposes, levy payments have in the past been around 0.1% of reported relevant turnover


From the 1 April 2015 we will have new responsibilities for monitoring the efficiency and performance of England's strategic road network. Our road functions are funded by the DfT.