Access and licensing

Our review of how railway licence holders are protecting the environment

16 May 2024
As the rail regulator, we have legal duties to contribute to sustainable development, and to consider the railway’s effect on the environment. One of the ways we make sure operators are protecting the environment is through our role in licencing the railway, with a specific environment condition in all railway licences.

Template station and depot documentation

3 May 2024
This page is intended to be used as a quick reference for all ORR-issued template documentation relating to station and depot access, including access agreements, access conditions, annexes, amending documents and amending agreements.

Network statements

19 April 2024
A network statement is an annual publication that each major UK network operator must produce.

Access for passenger operators

28 March 2024
This page contains guidance modules and the application form for track access by passenger operators, both public service operators and open access.