Access and licensing

Current track access applications

14 January 2022
This section contains the latest documents relating to track access applications we are currently considering. This may include application forms, draft agreements, any related documents and responses we make public.

Consolidated agreements

12 January 2022
A consolidated (or conformed) agreement is a document incorporating all approved amendments to the existing approved agreement. We do not approve these consolidated agreements, they are provided by Network Rail for reference purposes only to provide an overview of the current terms of the contract.

West Coast Main Line

6 January 2022
This page contains information on our consideration of capacity, performance and current applications for access on the West Coast Main Line (WCML).

Core Valley Lines (CVL)

2 December 2021
This page contains all Core Valley Lines (CVL) track access application consultations, decisions, consolidated agreements, and the CVL charging framework. It also contains information on the CVL Network Code, including details of any approved modifications to the Code, and our consultations on a network licence for the operator of the network.

Track access guidance

1 December 2021
If a train operator wants to access the national railway network, it will need a track access contract with Network Rail. This page sets out what you need to know.