Licensing guidance and forms

Consultation on changes to operator licences

For holders of EU passenger licences we updated their GB Statement of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRP) as well as their station licences on 3 December 2019. On 24 June 2020 we also updated those operators who just hold station licences too. For operators who provide traction only services, we have as yet not modified their SNRPs.

Complaints handling procedures (CHPs) decision letters

Once we have given our approval to a CHP we will publish a decision letter summarising areas of good practice and innovation, alongside a copy of the final CHP. Licence holders are required to submit their CHP for approval where a material change has been made. Changes are classed as material where they constitute a substantive change to the policy itself and impact on the assistance provided to

Accessible Travel Policy (ATP)

Train and station operators are required by their operating licences to establish and comply with an Accessible Travel Policy (ATP) which must be approved by us.