Access and licensing

Modifications to Network Rail's Network Code

23 May 2023
The rail industry can propose changes to Network Rail's Network Code through Part C. ORR has a role to approve those changes as any modifications to the Code may have a bearing on Track Access contracts.

Licence obligations

18 May 2023
Operators of railway assets must normally comply with conditions in their licences and the Statement of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRPs)

Current licences

17 May 2023
This section contains electronic versions of licences which are in force, listed by company.

Core Valley Lines (CVL) access

14 April 2023
This page contains all Core Valley Lines (CVL) track access application consultations, decisions, consolidated agreements, and the CVL charging framework. It also contains information on the CVL Network Code, including details of any approved modifications to the Code, and our consultations on a network licence for the operator of the network.