Holding Highways England to Account

Review of Outcome Frameworks in other Regulated Sectors

30 June 2016
This page contains details of the Office of Rail and Road’s (ORR’s) work in informing its input into the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) 2020/21-2024/25.A key aspect of ORR’s role as Highways Monitor is to provide advice to the Secretary of State for Transport in relation to draft Road Investment Strategies – and in particular, whether the Strategies set for Highways England are both

Highways England's supply chain capability

7 January 2016
This study aims to understand the capacity constraints within Highways England’s (HE) supply chain which could influence deliverability of the first Road Investment Strategy (RIS1) (2015/16 –2019/20).The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) commissioned Credo Business Consulting LLP to undertake a fieldwork study with representatives of HE’s supply chain, capturing input from across all tiers of supplier

Other notices

12 February 2015

Content archived on 05 December 2021

Notices in accordance with Section 55(6) of the Railways Act 1993 (as amended) of the ORR's decision not to make a final order. Notice in accordance with Section 55(6) of the Railways Act 1993, as amended, of the Office of Rail Regulation's decision not to make a final order, or make or confirm a provisional order, in relation to Network Rail Infrastructure Limited's contravention of Condition 1

On the Move: making sense of car and train travel trends in Britain

22 January 2014
In early 2012, the Office of Rail Regulation, in conjunction with the Independent Transport Commission, the RAC Foundation and Transport Scotland, co-sponsored a study on car and rail traffic trends in Great Britain. The study, based on National Travel Survey data from 1995 – 2007, investigated behaviour changes and other factors which may be causing a leveling off in car traffic and sustained