Track access


We make sure the passenger and freight train operating companies have fair access to the rail network – and that best use is made of capacity.

If a railway operator wants to access the railway network, they have to apply to us for a track access agreement with Network Rail. View our infographic on how we make decisions on track access.

Track access guidance

This guidance sets out our approach to regulating track access.

How to apply for track access

All the links you need to enable you to apply for track access, or for a contract for connection to the network, whether for passenger or freight.

Track access factsheet

If a railway operator wants to run trains on the rail network, it must seek the independent rail regulator's approval for a track access agreement with Network Rail.

Current track access applications

The latest documents relating to track access applications we are currently considering.

Track access decisions

This section contains decisions we have made since 2020. 

Consolidated agreements

A consolidated (or conformed) agreement is a document incorporating all approved amendments to the existing approved agreement.

Track access forms, model contracts and general approvals

The standard application forms and model contracts to be used when applying for access to Network Rail's infrastructure or to connect to its network.