The Railways Act 2005 sets out statutory procedures concerning proposals for the closure of passenger services, passenger networks and stations.

The Act placed a duty on the secretary of state and Scottish ministers to publish closures guidance outlining how such proposals should be assessed and processed.

Our responsibilities for closures

Our responsibilities for closures are:

  • to ensure the consultation undertaken in accordance with the closures guidance, has been carried out appropriately;
  • to evaluate the assessment made to ensure that the published methodology has been followed correctly; and
  • to consider whether the proposed closure represents poor or low value for money in comparison with retention.

We will consider closure references made by rail funding authorities in accordance with our published procedures.

If we determine that the proposal meets the above criteria, we must issue a 'closure ratification notice' allowing the closure to proceed.

If we are are not satisfied that the criteria has been met we must issue a closure 'non-ratification notice'.

If you have any questions relating to closures, please contact us.

Closures documentation

Ealing Broadway, Kensington (Olympia) and Wandsworth Road: withdrawal of scheduled railway passenger services – closed case

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Responses to closures document

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