Health and safety law

Safety critical work

16 September 2021
This page details the legal requirements for safety-critical workers carrying out safety-critical tasks.

Railway Safety Regulations 1999

30 July 2021
Update and changes to Railway Safety Regulations 1999 guidance on Mark 1 type rolling stock and hinged door rolling stock.

Exclusions from mainline railway requirements

16 December 2020
This page sets out what rail systems are excluded from the mainline railway requirements of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (as amended) (ROGS).

Entities in charge of maintenance

1 December 2020
This page gives an overview of the requirements for a person or organisation responsible for the maintenance of rail vehicles (known as an entity in charge of maintenance).

Making ROGS work for industry

23 November 2020
The Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 – also commonly known as ROGS – are set of rules that provide the regulatory regime for rail safety, including the mainline railway, metros (including London Underground), tramways, light rail and heritage railways.


28 October 2020
The regulatory requirements for managing safety on the railways, tramways and other guided transport systems. This page details who needs to comply and what they must do to meet minimum standards in Great Britain.


14 August 2017
An overview of the Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority for Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems) Regulations 2006 (as amended) (EARR).

Comments invited on Railway Safety Regulations 1999 exemption application – train protection arrangements for running of Crossrail trains between Paddington and Heathrow Airport Junction

15 March 2016
Date published: 2 September 2015 Closing date: 27 October 2015 We invited comments on an exemption application we received from Network Rail Infrastructure Limited in association with Crossrail Limited and MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Limited concerning the train protection arrangements for the running of Class 345 Crossrail passenger trains between Paddington and Heathrow Tunnel Junction. The