Complaints handling procedures (CHPs) decision letters


Once we have given our approval to a CHP we will publish a decision letter summarising areas of good practice and innovation, alongside a copy of the final CHP.

Licence holders are required to submit their CHP for approval where a material change has been made. Changes are classed as material where they constitute a substantive change to the policy itself and impact on the assistance provided to passengers. Licence holders are required to confirm to us that they have conducted a review, and that there has been no material change (if this is the case).

The end column provides a link to the latest version of the operator's CHP, where it exists, which has been updated by the licence holder but the changes made did not require regulatory approval as they were not deemed to be material.

Current decision letters Collapse accordion Open accordion

Licence holder Status Approval date ORR decision letter
SE Trains Limited (Southeastern) Approval 20/12/2021 SE Trains (Southeastern) approval letter
East Coast Trains Limited Approval 15/06/2021 East Coast Trains Limited (Lumo) CHP - Approval letter
Arriva Rail London Approval 07/11/2016 ARL CHP approval letter 
Avanti West Coast Approval 21/11/2019 Avanti West Coast approval letter
c2c Approval 29/10/2014 c2c CHP approval letter 
Caledonian Sleeper Review 05/03/2015

Caledonian Sleeper CHP

Review approval 
Chiltern Railways Approval 29/09/2016 Chiltern CHP approval letter 
CrossCountry Approval 01/10/2016 CrossCountry CHP approval letter 
CrossCountry Review 28/06/2018 CrossCountry Revised CHP - June 2018
East Midlands Railway Approval 07/08/2019 East Midlands Railway CHP - August 2019
Eurostar Approval 27/03/2017 Eurostar CHP approval letter 
First MTR South Western Trains Ltd Approval 10/08/2017 First MTR South Western Trains CHP approval letter 
Glasgow Prestwick Approval 16/01/2017 Glasgow Prestwick CHP approval letter 
Govia Thameslink Railway & Southern Approval 20/10/2016 GTR & Southern CHP approval letter 
Grand Central Approval 14/02/2017 Grand Central CHP approval letter 
Greater Anglia Review 06/10/2016 Greater Anglia CHP review approval 
GWR Approval 07/11/2016 GWR CHP approval letter 
Heathrow Express Approval 24/02/2017 Heathrow Express CHP approval letter 
Hull Trains Approval 19/09/2016 Hull Trains CHP approval letter 
Locomotive Services Ltd Approval 03/08/2017 Locomotive Services CHP approval letter 
Locomotive Services Ltd Review 23/05/2018 Locomotive Services revised CHP April 2018
London North Eastern Railway Ltd (LNER) Approval 17/08/2018 LNER CHP approval letter 
London Underground Approval 09/11/2016 London Underground CHP approval letter 
Merseyrail Approval 18/03/2016 Merseyrail CHP approval letter
Merseyrail Review 13/03/2018 Merseyrail revised CHP March 2018
MTR Crossrail Approval 27/05/2015 MTR Crossrail CHP approval letter 
Network Rail Approval 21/09/2016 Network Rail CHP approval letter PDF icon PDF, 767 Kb 
Northern Approval 17/03/2016 Northern CHP approval letter
Rail Operations Group Approval 25/07/2016 ROG CHP approval letter 
ScotRail Review 03/03/2016 Review approval 
ScotRail Review 26/07/2018 ScotRail revised CHP - December 2018
Stobart Rail Approval 22/08/2016 Stobart Rail CHP approval letter 
Southeastern Approval 15/08/2016 Southeastern CHP approval letter 
Southeastern Review 07/08/2018 Southeastern revised CHP - November 2018
Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Approval 22/12/2020 TfGM CHP approval letter
TfL Rail Approval 09/11/2016 TfL Rail CHP approval letter 
TransPennine Express Approval 15/03/2016 TPE CHP approval letter 
Transport for Wales Approval 16/03/2021 Transport for Wales CHP approval letter
Tyne and Wear Metro Approval 21/09/2016 TW Metro CHP approval letter 
Tyne and Wear Metro Review 26/07/2018 TW Metro revised CHP - October 2018
Vintage Trains Ltd Approval 05/09/2018 Vintage Trains CHP approval letter 
West Midlands Trains Ltd Approval 08/12/2017 WMT CHP approval letter 

Archived decision letters Collapse accordion Open accordion

Licence holder Status Approval date ORR decision letter
Abellio Greater Anglia Approval 11/08/2016 Abellio Greater Anglia decision letter
Abellio ScotRail Approval 30/03/2015 Abellio ScotRail decision letter
Arriva Trains Wales Approval 01/10/2016 ATW CHP approval letter 
East Midlands Trains Approval 01/10/2016 EMT CHP approval letter
East Midlands Trains Review 28/11/2018         EMT revised CHP - November 2018
Greater Anglia Approval 11/08/2016 Greater Anglia CHP
London Midland Approval 01/11/2016 London Midland decision letter
London Overground Approval 15/08/2016 London Overground decision letter
Merseyrail Approval 18/03/2016 Merseyrail CHP approval letter
ScotRail Approval 30/03/2015 ScotRail CHP  
Serco Caledonian Sleeper Approval 05/03/2015 Serco Caledonian Sleeper decision letter
South Western Trains Approval 27/09/2016 South Western Trains decision letter
Transport for Wales Approval 24/09/2018 Transport for Wales CHP approval letter
Virgin Trains Approval 23/09/2016 Virgin CHP approval letter
Virgin Trains East Coast Approval 03/10/2016 Virgin Trains East Coast decision letter